A well informed pet owner has all the tools necessary to make an informed decision concerning their pet ! It is crucial to unravel the myths concerning pet food.

  • A dog is not a human; they cannot have the same diet as we do.
  • An exotic ingredient is not more natural.
  • A diet is not a type of car; a higher price does not signify a higher quality.
  • Grains are not responsible for allergies in dogs. They are actually used for their great source of protein, essential vitamins and minerals.
  • A high quality diet cannot be evaluated by their first ingredient. A diet’s composition is complex to evaluate and is based on many different aspects, such as the proportions of each ingredient, the effect of these ingredients towards each other, etc. An extensive evaluation and a quality control are of utmost importance when formulating healthy nutrition. Diet changes in combination with treatments for the cardiac condition shows improvement of cardiac function in many patients and in some cases; the medication can be stopped completely. This improvement has a tendency to be longer than other nutritional causes. Long-term effects are still unknown and we do not know if a point of no return could be present.
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