We know that you love your pets and want to offer them what is best, but be careful not to be fooled by the attractive packaging and exotic ingredients that may be low in nutrients and not fulfill your pet's nutritional needs. Developing an animal diet is a complex process. It is important to note that labels such as natural or holistic on the packaging does not necessarily indicate quality.

In recent years, several pet food companies have entered the market. Unfortunately, a lot of them have done so without having a solid foundation in nutrition and by neglecting the rigorous manufacturing standards. This has contributed to the increased incidence of previously uncommon health problems.
Our veterinary team is equipped to make nutritional recommendations catered to your animal’s specific needs. Your pet’s age, state of health, potential allergies, breed, and weight are all factors taken into consideration when choosing the best diet. This is why it’s important to consult with your veterinary professionals when deciding what food to offer your pet.

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